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Aspen Academy

Aspen Academy

Location: Aspen, Colorado

Square Footage: 11,000 sq ft

Size of HVAC System: 49 Tons of Cooling

Design Challenge: Dehumidification not using a dedicated dehumidification control unit



The owner wanted to save costs and wanted 3 Consulting Engineers to provide a solution to dehumidification during the monsoon months. In addition, the existing units did not have any hot gas reheat controls (dehumidification control) because they were electric heat. Without good dehumidification in the store the cases would constantly require maintenance on the freezers and coolers to remove ice that builds up and the store would be uncomfortable. We added a desiccant energy recovery ventilator to one of the existing RTU’s that would remove the calculated necessary moisture required to keep the store at or below 50% relative humidity. This same RTU would serve as the sole ventilation for the entire sales area of the store. Including ductwork and installation of a new Munter’s Unit we probably saved the owner roughly $60,000.

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