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Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s

Location: Various Locations

Square Footage: 10,000 FT2 – 14,000 FT2

Architect: Jeda Designs

Design Challenge: Dehumidification Without Using a Dedicated Dehumidification Control Unit.

3 Consulting Engineers’s design includes adding a desiccant energy recovery ventilator to one of the existing RTU’s. This design solution removes excess moisture, keeping the store at or below 50% relative humidity. This same RTU serves as the sole ventilation unit for the entire sales area. Including ductwork and installation of a new Munter’s Unit, 3 Consulting Engineers estimates a savings of roughly $60,000 from the Franchise’s typical design.

3 Consulting Engineers has designed over a dozen Trader Joe’s in several states throughout the country and continues to be part of their new and renovation design team.

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